Jonathan Goodwin Has Been Described As A Modern-Day Superhero – Somewhere Between Houdini And Superman.

Over years working as a professional danger man, Goodwin has put himself in the most extreme situations and dodged death each time.

Following in the footsteps of the legendary daredevils who inspired him; Jonathan is without question one of the most awe-inspiring performers in the world today. Jonathan has been attacked by sharks, burned at the stake, buried alive, bitten by rattlesnakes, hung from buildings, helicopters, and cable cars, among many other incredible feats.

Jonathan is arguably one of the most diversely skilled individuals in the world, and is an expert escape artist, knife thrower, free climber, archer, side show performer, marksman, free diver, stunt artist, and strength performer.

Jonathan has performed on every continent (except Antartica) and has an extensive former client list. Goodwin spends his time between the UK and his home in Las Vegas Nevada.