Jonathan has been employed as a stunt advisor and creative consultant for numerous television and live shows.

Here Jonathan creates a stunt for Japanese Television in which he teaches a comedian how to escape whilst being slowly lowered into a pit of hungry Alligators.

Some of the Television Shows Jonathan has consulted for:

“Derren Brown- The System” channel 4 Television
“Derren Brown- Seance Live” Channel 4 Television
“Derren Brown- Trick or Treat”  Channel Four Television
“The Magicians” BBC 1 Jonathan created a “Car off Cliff Stunt” for Barry and Stuart –
“Thats A Record” NBC Television
“The Worlds Dirtiest Man” Discovery Channel
“The Haunted Collector” Syfy Channel

Jonathan’s company Daredevil Media Inc can design and create bespoke stunts for live events, commercials and television.

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