TV Shows

Jonathan has starred in numerous television series, most recently in “Dangerman” which aired on BBC America and around the world.


Dangerman: Arguably the most ambitious stunt television series ever conceived. Never has there been a more diverse and original stunt show all performed by the same individual. The show aimed to recreate the world of the victorian showman daredevil for a modern audience. It featured jaw dropping stunts like an escape from handcuffs whilst hanging by the toes from a helicopter, to a free solo climb up the side of a 400ft skyscraper.


Jonathan has appeared as a guest on different talk shows around the world including Jimmy Kimmel, 60 minutes, and Paul O’grady Live.

Here he is pictured during his interview on “The Jonathan Ross Show” for British Television.

owoOne Way Out:

 Jonathan also created and starred in a hit show for Discovery Channel, called One Way Out.

Discovery challenged Jonathan to investigate the science behind his escape artistry


Jonathan also created a SharkWeek Episode for Discovery Channel Entitled “How Not To Become Sharkbait” in which he looked at the 5 most stupid things to do in Shark infested water, with the intention of seeing how difficult it is to get attacked by a shark.

Jonathan might be one of the only person in the world to have been attacked by a shark whilst dressed as a clown.

dwl_logoJonathan also created a live special for Channel 4 in which he was buried alive under 5 tons of liquid cement live on TV

As part of the same week of live specials, Jonathan was also hanged live on British TV.

He remains the only person to have been hanged live on British television and survived.