Jonathan Goodwin

Jonathan Goodwin has been called “the closest thing we can boast to a real life superhero”, and “the worlds greatest theatrical stunt performer”. Jonathan has been hanged, buried alive, locked in a box while covered in 200,000 bees, attacked by sharks, bitten by rattlesnakes and hung from his toes from helicopters. Jonathan has performed on every continent except Antarctica and in every US State except Alaska. Goodwin has played Broadway, London’s West End, Sydney Opera House and Radio City Music Hall.

In 2021 Jonathan was involved in an accident while rehearsing a stunt for American tv. The accident left Jonathan with horrendous injuries and resulted in him being permanently paralyzed from the waist down. Now retired from stunt performing Jonathan has turned his attention to writing, presenting, Hypnotherapy and being a roll model (pun intended) for both disabled and able bodied people alike

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What Is The Name Of The Universal Gimmick With A Thousand Handy Applications. It Can Be Used To Vanish Small Objects, Including Lit Cigarettes, Handkerchiefs Or Change Bank Notes?